Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday Mix Tape

Weekend Wrap-Up
Like most of the nation, we had crappy weather all weekend which always makes me stir crazy. Luckily we had a few events to go to and it ended up being really fun. Thursday night we went to a film festival and Friday I went to see one of my favorite singer/songwriters at a great little venue. I live in such a cool city with so much to do and I finally feel like going out and taking advantage of it. I feel good in my clothes. I don't dread having to park far away and walk. I don't feel like I take up more than one seat in a small bar. I love it!

Saturday I did not work out for the first time in 8 days. There were streets closed for a race and it was pouring rain and there was no way I was going to make it to Bikram and stay sane. I knew that decision left me only one option 75 minute hot Vinyasa - by far the hardest class. I had to set my alarm on a Sunday but I did it and it was awesome. I even had energy left to plan all our meals for the week which helps so much.

59,999 + 1

I, along with 59,999 other lucky lottery enterers, rushed to my inbox this morning to find that got into the Peachtree again! For those that don't know, the Peachtree Road Race is the worlds largest (and hottest, and hilly-est, and crowded-est) 10K. Last year was tough. I'm not gonna lie. I trained plenty but my start time was 9:30 and it was HOT-lanta hot. This year I will move up a bit - from X to T. If I run it even faster this year I can start even earlier next year. Eventually I will be behind the Kenyans with my neighbor. Ha! Not with my short legs :)

So I guess it's time I add a little running back in the mix and get ready for another hot summer running down Peachtree. I'm so excited to see what a difference my weight loss will make in this years race. I can't even imagine!

Have a happy, healthy week everyone!


  1. Thats great Tina! Keep up the great work, I just love your blog and seeing all your progress! :)

  2. Hi Tina, I've been reading since about Christmas but haven't commented yet. I wanted to contact you and didn't see an email. I am going through the process of preparing for surgery and one of the doctors asked me to consider the sleeve rather than the bypass. I was hoping you might talk about why you chose the sleeve and if you're grateful that you did?

    1. Hi Jenn my email is tinatait(at) Obviously that's an @ but if I write it that way I get less spam (maybe)! Email me with any questions any time.

      I was originally thinking of getting the bypass because I wanted the restriction of not being able to eat sugar. After 2 medical professionals told me to consider the sleeve I listened! Their main reasons were 1. I didn't have diabetes 2. I was very motivated and they knew I would be successful without as much of a drastic procedure 3. My primary care doc said that because of the extensive amount of exercise I do that I might be better off if they didn't "mess with my intestines."

      I'm SO glad I chose the sleeve. I've had zero complications and I think my recovery was a little easier than if I would have had bypass. I can have a bite of chocolate or some wine if I want and not get sick. That said, I will have to control myself the rest of my life and let those things be a rare treat.

      Thanks for commenting and please let me know if I can help you in any way!

  3. I'm so glad you got in the race! But how cruel of them to stagger the start times like that for the slower runners...9:30 in the summer heat is ROUGH. However, I have no doubt that you are going to have a blast and be amazing at the run!!

  4. I'm always impressed by anyone that takes on running, but I am SUPER impressed that you're doing it in such hot weather. I'm in Texas, and I will admit, in August, I rarely leave the house. Each year, I tell myself I'm going to go out and walk anyway, and I don't. Of course, I'm 55 lbs lighter this year, so maybe I won't sweat so much!

  5. Dude, that race sounds crazy hot!! Congrats on getting in!!

    Glad to hear your recovery is going well. My sister is prepping for this surgery and reading your updates helps me feel better about what she will be doing. Thank you!!

  6. I'm loving this blog!!

    Just starting the journey myself.

    It's great to know I'm not in it alone!