Friday, May 22, 2009

And I ran, I ran (not) so far away...

Remember that song from the 80's? Flock of Seagulls have not aged well.

I ran last night for about 5 minutes out of 30. Well it was really a wog (which is a MizFit word I love!) It was SO hard. I was sweating like a fool. Luckily there weren't many people around me! I'm always afraid that when I have my Ipod on I'm breathing too loudly. I know I already look like a fool with fat and sweat flying everywhere but I don't want to draw attention to myself gasping for air.

At first I didn't think my ankles were going to cooperate with this new idea of running. My first attempt scared me a little so I slowed back down to a walk but then I tried it again at a slower pace and I was fine. It's going to take some work to make them strong again. They still feel a little wobbly at times.

My husband and I are going to go to the gym tonight together if we both get out of work around the same time. I'm looking forward to that! By July I would like to be ready to do a spin class which is another fun thing we could do together. By then it will be too hot to be outside for exercise!

The weekend will be pretty low key and I'm planning on staying in control of my eating and getting plenty of exercise. I've dipped into some extra points already this week and I'm going to have to be careful. It's really too bad it's supposed to be cloudy again! Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!


  1. If you're looking to strength your ankles, here's an easy exercise to do at home: just fold up a towel to about triple thickness and then stand on the edge (foot half on, half off) and just raise up on your tippie-toes.

    Way to get out and run. It does get easier...

  2. Way to go!! It will get easier with each passing run. I'm still working up to a run, but I'm a heck of a lot older and have a fake knee, so it takes me longer. :)

    You're doing really well, I'd say. Enjoy your holiday!!

  3. I've got to hand it to you with the running. I could never do that-not to mention the various calls to the police department that would ensue concerning public indecency (think spandex shorts).

    You are really hitting your stride (sorry for the pun) and I bet it'll become second nature soon.

  4. Good job trying something new. One thing that strengthened my ankles was yoga. Do you have Wi Fit?

    Have a splendid weekend, Tina!

  5. Congrats on your running. Wheni first started I was running for a few minutes and then walking for a few inutes off and on. I am now up to running 4 miles a day. Keep at it and you'll reep the rewards!!

  6. You are at the same stage as me with the running - it IS so HARD, but already I am managing 1.5 mins x 5 out of 30, so we do get used to it. It is the breathing that I struggle with too. Heh, who cares if anyone looks, I don't, lol!

    Spinning in July sounds great - a good goal to aim for.

  7. Wow, you are on your way. I used to run a lot until a knee injury did me in. Getting over the first 5-10 minutes was the hardest part. Once I got used to that it got much easier. Hang in there and I hope your ankles feel better!

  8. I just started to "wog" myself, and I worry about the loudness of my breathing, too! I also worry if I'm going to break the poor machine - it feels like I'm pounding it so hard as I run!
    Good for you for starting to run, though! It is hard, isn't it? Hopefully it will get easier as we continue to push on...

  9. How funny that we both ran/wogged/yogged on the same that blogger wavelength!

    I'm so glad to have company in this new endeavor...and go us!!!

  10. HI
    I admire your willingess to get out and run! I'm 100 lbs heavier than you and can barely walk so feel blest that you're not me 8~)
    I've been using Richard Simmon's Dancing to the Oldies DVD's.... he even has a sitting down one for people like me.
    I've just started blogging my path down 100lbs and would love to have a visit at
    take care,

  11. You did what?? Wow, Tina, way to go! And I immediately thought of Shelley and her wogging. :-)

  12. three cheers for WOGGGGGING.

    and you know me.
    Im now thinking "should I try my first race? Wog a 5k?"