Monday, May 11, 2009

The week ahead

Good lord that was a quick weekend! I could really use another day or five.

Successes over the weekend:
• Walking 3 miles on Friday night on major hills.
• Eating only half of my chicken Enchiladas at the Mexican restaurant Saturday.
• Doing extra hill walking and running around with the dogs at mom's in the mountains on Sunday.
• Shopped and prepped for the week despite all my social obligations.

UN-successes over the weekend:
• Drinking too much
• A few too many delicious mom treats

As for the week ahead, I will being going to my water aerobics class tonight, Wednesday, and Friday. Lucy (the crazy puppy) ran into my knee from the side at full force. It feels better today but I'm going to be careful with it so I thought the water would be a good idea. The other 2 days I hope to do 30 minutes walking/jogging in the morning and the same again after work. I'm hoping my water aerobics class is enough resistance training for now because It's actually enjoyable in the water!

This is the week I WILL hit my first big Weight Watchers goal which is 5% so stay tuned for the Wednesday weigh in! Have a great week everyone!


  1. There's success in "Them thar hills", as they say in the old west. Sounds like maybe you walked off the adult beverages just like I'm hoping I did. :) Good luck on the weigh in.

  2. You had more successes than un-successes..4 verses 2. So you win. ;-)

    I'll definitely being staying tuned!! And yay for free tomato plants!

  3. Sounds like a good weekend. Agree with Patty - more good than bad always wins out.

  4. Who's keeping score? Oh, I forgot, we all are. Sounds like you're locked in to a winning mindset. I foresee great things at the upcoming weight-in.

  5. Glad the knee is feeling better. Your week sounds great. Looking forward to your weigh in!

  6. glad your knee is better and ADORE the optimism and drive and IM GOOONNNNA GET IT of the 5% goal.

    You are now forgiven for your weekend drinkage :)
    we all need some vices right?


  7. Smart of you to protect that knee!