Wednesday, May 6, 2009

How much did she lose this week?

the Captain James Tiberius Kirk Keepsake Ornament. (in honor of the movie)

.4 pounds

I went back to my Weight Watchers meeting which I really needed to do!

I can't believe I've been missing out on this morning walk...for 2 years! Yes, I have allowed my husband to walk both dogs while my lazy fat lard ass stayed in bed. We live right by East Lake Country Club which is the last stop on the PGA tour every year. It's absolutely gorgeous but I've never seen it as pretty as it is in the morning. Our neighborhood is very quiet for a city neighborhood but in the morning, it's dead silent with the exception of an amazing chorus of birds. If that wasn't enough, my oldest dog Sophie looks so proud to have her mom out walking her.

Last night's Biggest Loser was so inspiring. I think all the contestants touched on the fact that they missed out on so much of life by being obese. THAT is my reason for striving to be healthier and losing this weight. While they were doing the marathon, I came to the conclusion that I have done 4.5 marathons as a 3-Day walker which I had honestly never thought about. If I can do that, I can totally run one one day!

I'm going to my water aerobics class tonight even though I walked this morning. I'm pushing myself to work harder so I can lose 2 pounds a week instead of the 1 I have been averaging.

All in all, not a banner week but I'll take it. My 5% goal is only 2 pounds away. I know I can do that by next week!


  1. I thought the Biggest Loser folks did a pretty good job of taking inserting some drama into a race that really didn't have any (except for Ron's health issues). I mean, you knew what the order of the race was going to be from the start (esp with Mike walking).

    Still, you had to feel good when each of them crossed that finish line, esp with the juxtaposing footage from their first days at the ranch. Those "messages to yourself in six months" really packed an emotional punch.

    Congrats on the loss; there's no such animal as a "bad loss."

  2. The golfer in me is absolutely so jealous I can't stand it!! However, I will turn my attention back to you and your weight loss....and yes, it was a loss, so you can feel good about that. My big, fat ass would also prefer staying in bed every morning, too. :) Keep it goin' kid. OMG!! My word verification is "emaciated". YIKES!

  3. Your morning walks sound beautiful. Good luck in upping your weightloss... it's an inspiration.

  4. Your blog is so awesome! I recognized you on my blog today as a super blogger!

  5. I just love the Captain Kirk weight loss item. This cracks me up. As to your morning walks, set phasers for stun(ning) and enjoy. Live long and prosper. (If I write anything else I will surely out myself as the pathetic trekie I'm trying so desperately to hide.)

  6. Congrats on your weight loss. It's not as much as you wanted but you're going in the right direction.

    Thought Biggest Loser was inspiring too. When Ron made it to the end, well, that ended any excuses I can make about achy knees or back preventing my 4 mile walk. Speaking of it, I should be heading out the door...

    Good luck as you increase your activity level.

  7. Congrats!


    I am doing Atlanta and Chicago this year...I might have to meet you when I am there in October!

    Keep it up!

  8. A loss is a loss and that is a good thing. Hopefully it will be more next week. I swear our bodies get used to our attempts to slim them!

    Extra exercise really does help - well done!

  9. Actually, I think it was a banner week. to start walking again after two years is a big deal!! I am so happy for Sophie. :-)

    I watched two minutes of the Biggest Loser--just happened to be the two where they were crossing the finish line, and I started crying like a baby. They sure know how to jerk my chain.

    Do they say "lard ass" any where other than here in the south?

  10. Hi, just found your blog! I was inspired by last night's BL as well. Ron said something that really, really hit home for me, about how he was responsible for his sons' being overweight.
    I do NOT want to be responsible for my girls being overweight when they get older.
    I'll be following your progress! Thanks for sharing your journey.

  11. The Biggest Loser show was incredible. This season is really good unlike last season where the contestants were just plain cruel. You're so right about what you've accomplished with the 3-day walk. That's amazing.