Tuesday, May 12, 2009

why I hate the scale

I just posted yesterday about how I WILL hit my 5% goal this week but so far the scale is not cooperating. I actually hit that goal on Friday but my official Weight Watchers weigh in is tomorrow and If it stays this way I will have a gain! This just goes to show me how much damage a weekend of drinking can do. Beyond the hangover!

I'm mad at myself for caring so much about what the scale says. Especially when I'm feeling so good about all my progress recently. Yesterday I was practically falling asleep at my desk and never thought I would make it to the gym but I made myself go. It was a great class and my butt, hips and arms are on fire today. Today, even though I woke up sore, I got up at 6 and walked the dogs anyway. It was a beautiful morning and I'm proud of myself for not using soreness as an excuse. More than anything, I just love not having to struggle to put my clothes on. I could even put my jeans on right now without unbuttoning them!

Part of my brain thinks I should only weigh in once a week and forget about it the rest of the week. The other part of my brain knows I need the knowledge I gain about how my body handles different foods and different amounts of exercise. Maybe I'm just over thinking it all because I have a specific goal. Before I joined Weight Watchers, I don't think I ever set goals for myself. Even when I lost 100 pounds. I know the goals WW sets for me are good for me - obviously they are making me work harder and I look forward to the little rewards we get. This is all new to me and I don't want to turn it into an obsession!

So excited for Biggest Loser finale tonight. I'm kinda hoping Tara wins!


  1. Don't let the scale get you down Tina! You ARE doing great, and just keep seeing that 5% goal in your head today, and there is a good chance it will show up on the scale tomorrow, and if not tomorrow, the next time!

    I am seriously considering making some changes to my blog because it places such a strong emphasis on weighing a certain amount by a certain date, and I am realizing that I can't make the scale do that necessarily. what I can do is make good food choices and keep exercising and drinking my water.

    So please don't let that number mess with your mind...you really are doing GREAT!!!

  2. I decided early in the process that I was going to have to be a once-a-week weigher. Otherwise, I'd be jumping on the scale every 20 minutes.

    I understand that more regular weigh-ins allow you to adjust on the fly (for instance, heavy duty weight-lifting played a part in me showing a pound gain when I was expecting a big loss), but it's been my experience that if you do right, the scale will (eventually) reflect it.

    Don't let it get you down. You're doing great.

  3. OH THE STUPID SCALE!! I want to throw it out the window sometimes or running over it in the vehicle sounds better. Don't let it get you down. It is only one measure of your success.

    I CANNOT WAIT for BL tonight!! GO TARA GO!!!!

  4. I've fallen into the same trap - using the scale as almost the exclusive benchmark of my progress. I can't keep doing that!! A bad number undermines all the good momentum and then I start doubting myself.

    Hang in there. It is a temporary situation and your determination at eating well and working out is going to pay off big time in the long run. Good luck.

  5. I myself am addicted to the scale and weighing myself every morning. Sometimes I think it's horrible, but like you said, it also lets me know how my body is reacting and progressing during the week.

    I can't wait for biggest loser tonight. I'm going to be on edge all day now!

  6. Like you, I think I've learned some helpful things by stepping on the scale each morning. You learned about the impact drinking over the weekend has on reaching your weekly goal.

    But as others have pointed out, there are other measures that can tell you how you're doing. I like the sore muscles clue and the way certain jeans fit.

    Keep going -- you're doing really well.

  7. I hate the scale too. I use the way my clothes fit to see how my body is doing. I literally try on my thinnest jeans every single day. That way, if I am working out a lot and gaining muscle, I know that the weight doesn't reflect fat.

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  8. I've just started following your blog and love it. I too am addicted to those damn scales. Don't worry you will get to your goal next week, probably with a bigger than average loss. You go girl!

    BTW I'm excited for Biggest Loser too. I'm hoping Tara wins. I didn't like her for a long time but now I do. She's worked hard and deserves it. I hope America (I live in Canada) voted for Ron to be in the finale instead of Mike because then there could be trouble. He could win the "At Home" no problem. We'll have to wait and see I guess.

    Keep up the good work.


  9. Scale, schmale. You can tell if you're doing the right stuff. Generally speaking we do, but then we worry about our slip ups and that's when the dread of the scale creeps into our brains. Overall, I think we're doing just fine, but still, weigh ins keep us on our toes. Just keep saying to yourself, 5%, 5%, 5% you can do it.

  10. You are so right to think that it shouldn't matter what the scale says because what you think and feel is SO much more important. Hold onto that thought. Have fun watching TBL tonight

  11. Just keep on plugging away, that is all you can do. The scales will say what they say and eventually, they will say what you want them to say, lol!

    Lets drink to a better week (or maybe not, lol)!

  12. I agree with Jack, I'm a once a week girl. I don't even keep a scale in my house - I just let WW tell me. Don't give numbers too much power! Keep making the right choices for yourself and the loss will follow eventually.