Thursday, May 14, 2009

I ate 9 chocolate chip cookies

I'm not going to go on about it but I felt like crap about it and actually cried about it on my walk this morning. I never thought I was a true binge eater but last night proved otherwise. I was almost in a panic last night about what I was going to eat. I've been this way before but never realized it until I started writing about it and reading about it on other blogs. I wasn't that hungry. I can't even begin to figure out why I did it. I know that I was depressed about my weigh in but am I that stupid?

If the sun would ever shine again, I might be in a better mood. We've had no Spring to speak of and I think it's wearing me out.

Now, I'm going to quit whining, forget about the cookies, eat my regular breakfast, and be inspired by reading all my blogs :)


  1. Sounds like you have a good attitude about the cookies. Do NOT let it derail you. We all have setbacks, but the people who reach their goal just let them go and keep on going on.
    You can still have a great week, and have a good weigh-in next week! And congrats on the ring fitting again - I couldn't wear my engagement ring for a while as well, and that really upset me. It was terrific when it fit again!

  2. ((hugs)). Chocolate chip cookies taste really good. Almost everyone I know - fat or thin - has eaten way too many at one point or another. You'll get back on track, it's just a blip. Focus on getting in lots of protein, veggies and fiber to normalize your blood sugar surges in the short term.

  3. The weather has a huge effect on me too! I so need to see the sun so I really feel for you. I hope the weather's better soon.

    Hang in there. We all fall down now and then - but we keep getting up. Don't beat yourself up. You deserve better.

  4. Did I just write YOUR blog instead of MINE?? Geez, I thought it sounded familiar. :) Why, why, why, is the eternal question. I ask it every single time I put something overly caloric or bad for me in my mouth. I do it anyway, but the remorse is almost unbearable sometimes. We'll get better, I hope. But for now, know that you are SO not alone in this journey.

  5. Well, you have the right attitude now, and that's what counts. Hope the sun comes out and you feel better - for me, too many cloudy days really mess with my mood, too!

  6. That was yesterday and today is a NEW day! YOU CAN DO THIS!

    The journey begins today...

  7. Over the past few weeks, I've come to recognize that there's a lot of foods that I just can't eat because they just make me crazy hungry immediately after. I've had to simply chase them out of the pantry and avoid the temptation whenever and however possible.

    Keep a positive attitude and do whatever works for you. Setbacks happen...getting back up and trekking on is what's important. You can do it!

  8. Sunday, my chocolate chip count was 14. You did better then me and stopped at 9. The bigger question, is why do we do this knowing the sugar will make us feel horrible afterwards? ugh...I'm right there with ya!

    Just gotta keep on truckin'

  9. Regret can be a powerful emotion. It signals that you know you deserve better than the action(s) you took.

    Don't look back; the lesson has been learned. Progress is made step by step.

  10. Your outlook on this is wonderful! I'm sorry you had it hard this morning! SOmetimes we are our worst critic. Take it as a one time thing and move forward.

    I hope the sun comes out for you. I hate the weather blahs!!

  11. Just one would have made me want the whole packet, you did well to stop at nine!

    I love your attituted and renewed motivation to succeed.

    You can put it behind you, I know you can!

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  13. totally the way to go.
    tiny setback and seize the power of the blogword to get back on track for the weekend.