Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Digging Deep

As I've probably mentioned, I've been listening to the all the archives of Jillian Michael's podcasts and she talks a lot about digging deep. Someone elses blog mentioned that recently too and if I had a memory left, I'd link to you. Whoever you are, I get it now.

I've given this a lot of thought and I'm realizing that's what's missing right now and what needs to the next step for me. Physically, mentally, and professionally. I've gotten too comfortable since I got married (oh and gained 60 lbs.) I have pushed myself in the past (lost 100 pounds, graduated from an expensive art school on my own dime etc.) and I don't have any idea why I stopped doing that. I guess settling into marriage is a lot like settling down on the couch at the end of a long day. Once you get comfortable, there's no getting up to work out :)

I'm going to really work on this. Today I applied for an executive level job which I know I can do but it's going to be hard work. Professionally and mentally, that's a really big step and I would LOVE to get an interview.

The physical part is going to be harder. I'm doing my workouts, I just need to dig deeper and find the strength within myself to make the sweat fly. I know that's what it takes because I've done it before. I never worked out less than an hour when I lost 100 pounds but now that's become acceptable to me and I kick and scream about why I can't even lose a pound a week.

It's time I work towards what I want to be. I've been moving backwards on the pay scale and the bathroom scale. Since I'm not having any kids, I might as well break out of my comfort zone and shoot for the moon as far as my career goes. I might have to dress up and be all corporate again but at least then I could afford a some new clothes and a trainer to go with them :)


  1. Way to go. I love the attitude and good luck in getting the job. Also, this is such a hopeful post so nice to read.

  2. Whoa...sounds like somebody stayed at a Holiday Inn! :-) Good point about getting comfortable. I stayed at the same weight most of my until life until 2 year in to (this) marriage. Keeping my fingers crossed for the interview Tina!!

    And just in case in one wonders about the holiday Inn reference:

  3. Good luck with the job interview. I hope you get it.

    This was such a good post and one that really hit home. I've been thinking along those same lines - it's all up to me and I've been dropping the ball. I need to get motivated and STAY motivated. Good luck to us both.

  4. Hope you get an interview & the new job, too - if you decided you really want. Go for it!

  5. I hope you get the chance to shine in the interview. Good luck to you! Jillian podcasts? I had no idea nd must go and download them.

  6. Hard to lose weight while residing in the comfort zone. Kudos to you for realizing what a big effort it's going to be and gearing up for it.

    Good luck on getting the interview, too. That's exciting!

  7. Good luck on the interview, Tina! Hope you get to be all corporate and cute again. Weight loss is easy for some people...keeping it off is the hard part for nearly everyone. www.thinkequalsthin.com is helping some people...maybe you?

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  9. I think you are doing great and I hope you get the new job. I, like you lost a significant amount of weight and gained it back. I finally lost 150 pounds and have kept if off for 12 years. Keep going and you will get your dream! I chronicle my weight loss journey, with lots of before pictures at www.fittothefinish.com in case you want to see! Diane