Monday, May 18, 2009

A good karma story

People are always telling me I'm way too nice and while sometimes that bites me in ass, it sometimes results in great things happening to me in return :)

I went to a neighborhood garden fair with my sister and a friend. Walter Reeves, the Southern Gardener, was giving a talk and was really interesting! Our friend really wanted to go but didn't want to spend the money for a $10 ticket so I paid for her ticket and gave my sister the remaining $5 I had to buy us 6 raffle tickets. She gave us each 2 and I almost forgot about it until the end when they were doing the drawing.

BOTH my tickets won prizes! They had some gorgeous things donated by local businesses to support the Garden Club. Here's what I won:

This gorgeous planter with a 'Flapjack' succulent (Kalanchoe thyrisflora) This stands about 2 feet high.

And Kate Spade sunglasses! Totally awesome. I've never had expensive sunglasses before and these were FREE! :) Even though it was a horrible rainy day, this little surprise cheered me up a little.

I was really down again on Sunday. So much so that I didn't want to go to the movies and sit in a dark theater. Even though it was raining (again), I felt like I needed to get some things done around the house. That turned out to be a good idea because I took my frustrations out on the linen closet. Nothing makes me feel better than some serious organization :)

My husband and I had a good long talk about why I felt so sad recently. Like I've mentioned in posts before, the pay cut has really gotten me down and I'm really starting to feel the affects of it. He's going to Scotland in 2 weeks and I knew it was going to be hard to stay behind but I wasn't expecting it to be this hard. We love to go over there to visit his family together but it just couldn't be done now that 20 grand has been taken away from my income. I am thankful we were able to send him though. He hasn't been over since his dads funeral in October and I think his sweet mum needs another visit from her youngest boy. I'm also thankful to have the most awesome husband and best friend that I can talk to about anything at anytime. This week I will try to remember what we talked about which was how great our life together is and how truly blessed we are. Nothing else really matters.

I have a really busy week this week. Lots of work. Lots of social obligations. Somehow I'm going to try to fit it all in! I hope everyone has a great week!


  1. Your "karma" story really put a smile on my face. Too often it doesn't work out that way.

    Sorry about the pay cut, too. That can really put a damper on anyone's mood. But you've still got a job... and this economy's bound to turn soon. I'm in the same biz and we're starting to see rays of hope.

    Keep your head up... so we can see those bitchin' new shades.

  2. Wow, that is a great plant too! But the plant and the sunglasses both pale in comparison to having such a great partner! You are right, it always makes a few less dollars or a few too many pounds look trivial when we stop to take in how truly blessed we all are. Hope your busy week is a happy one!

  3. Good karma indeed! Beautiful succulent. If you're ever looking for a new home for it, keep Auntie Lee in mind...just kidding. It looks happy right where it is.

    Have a great week!

  4. Lucky girl you winning Kate Spade shades! The planter pot is also really nice. I'm sorry you're going to miss the trip to Scotland. That does really suck. Hope you're week gets better.

  5. Love this story and your own love story. I'm sorry that the pay cut is digging into you so deeply - that is a serious chunk of change. Hopefully things will start looking up soon. I'm sure the rain doesn't help. Hang in there - all your friends are pulling for you.

  6. good karma indeed.
    I try and focus on that every day---tossing as much as I can out into the world---as it can make even the bleakest of days (ahhh the economy . so sorry about the pay cut) feel filled with promise.


  7. Nice stuff you got there...congrats